Equipping musicians and non-musicians alike, Dave & Pat's worship training days are proving an increasingly popular resource for the development of worship teams and worshippers.


Both in the UK and in many nations of the world their mix of foundational teaching on worship and the practical "how to" when it comes to the musical mechanics have inspired many to "raise the bar" in their creative expressions of praise.

The Seminar program will involve Dave speaking about worship (with everyone together) and then we will split down to some practical workshop groups, for which we will each need a room


These will be as follows:


Pat Vocals

Dan Percussion

Dave Songwriting


In the afternoon there is opportunity for different church bands to play and receive constructive feedback.  Therefore it would be good to have a basic stage set up ready for people to just plug into!

We find many organisers throw out the invitation out to local churches to join in with the workshops.  It adds diversity to the event.


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