Come and join the singing, 
hear the sound that’s rising up 
There’s excitement in the air. 
Wo - oh - oh. 
Freedom songs are stirring in the lives of the redeemed; 
Heart expressions born of love. 
Wo-oh -oh. 

Sing it out; loud and clear, 
Raise an anthem to our God.

Something new is happening, 
sweeping all across the globe, 
Breaking through what’s gone before. 
Call it into being; start to activate your faith; 
It will change the atmosphere. 

Begin to prophesy 
The lowest valley shall be lifted high, 
Every mountain and hill made low 
In the Name of the Lord. 
Enemies are reconciled 
Dry bones will be brought to life, 
Miracles shall be multiplied 
In the Name of the Lord. 

Dave Bilbrough 
© 2011 Dave Bilbrough Songs