At the cross of Jesus truth and mercy meet; 
A river of forgiveness flows from that cross of peace. 
Healing from our sorrows like a vast, relentless tide 
Can be found as we surrender 
at that cross of sacrifice. 

At the cross of Jesus God revealed such grace. 
Instead of showing anger His arms reached out to save. 
Heaven’s gates flew open as He offered up His life. 
There’s acceptance in abundance 
At that cross of sacrifice. 

Praise Him. Everybody praise Him!
  Praise Him, Everybody praise Him! 
Praise Him, Tell of His amazing love

At the cross of Jesus there’s no room for pride 
For every individual is valued in God’s eyes. 
All our restless striving and ambitions that we hide 
Will be seen to count for nothing 
at that cross of sacrifice. 

Joined by many others gathered in this place, 
Across the generations we’re lifting up His Name 
As we stand together a song will surely rise 
Of the Christ who took our burdens 
at that cross of sacrifice. 

Dave Bilbrough 
© 2011 Dave Bilbrough Songs.